Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter 20, from Rosie

[no envelope, no date]

Hi Honey
I'm sorry for not writing sooner but I've been quite busy as my mother has been ill, and I have been staying with her. And my house work + family have kept me pretty busy, I haven't even had time to get dressed and go out.

Well honey I'm all right now and can go back to work anytime I get ready, but I have intentions of staying home for a couple of months and collect social security.

Gee Honey there isn't anything to say because I haven't been out any place to tell you about.
Hon I'll have to send you Joe's address in my next letter because it is up in my aunts house, so by the time I receive a letter from you I ought to be back there, O'K' Baby? It will have to be.

I received a bottle of Chanel perfume from one of my lover's who hasn't forgotten me on Valintines Day, He says when he gets home its going to be him and I for keeps, What have you got to say about that? I say he's crazy. I'am right an't I?

Oh honey do I miss you if you only knew. I know you thing I'm giving you a line but I'm not Sal I never knew how to be true until I met you, but I do now.
Well honey I was going too write you a comical poem but I am so tired I have all I can do too keep my eyes open so I'll save it for later.

So Honey till I hear from you
I remain Yours Until Hell
Freezes Over

p.s. Don't write anything out of the way in your letters, like having babys because my girl friends my like to read your letters if there here.