Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letter 6, from Joan

[letter 2 of 5. written March 16, 1949]
Wednesday Nite
Howdy do Sugarfoot:
Here we are down here and we just had a nice big snowstorm, about six inches. The most we've had this year ain't it?

I'm glad you see that my beauty exceeds that of Ava Gardner (ahem, who you trying to kid? Certainly not me, I hope.)

Gee, that was a swell walk we took, weren't it? I never realized Washington was soooo beautiful. I guess we'll never find such lovely places in Waltham, so a walk wouldn't be quite

as nice here. Still, our little city has some interesting places hey what? Anyhow I guess I just love to walk.

How do you know what kind of eyes I have? You've never been that close, and don't tell me you saw me in your dreams.

You know what? I tried wheaties but it don't work. My hair is still just as dull and drab as ever. Oh well, who cares (me) (I mean I)

Saw your brother couple of times as I was shopping.

In fact, I saw him just Saturday.

The mardi Gras was last night, and they crowned the Queen; namely Anna Mula. I understand she is very lovely, but, of course you already know that. I didn't go to that one because I went to the French Mardi Gras (shux I din't win the television)

Before I forget, I left my rubbers up there? Will you bring them to me when you come home? Gee, tanks

I saw Joyce today, and she said that she wrote to you I imagine you have the letter by now. So you can see she's not mad at ya (now you can sleep nights again)

Still haven't heard “Gloria” but “I'll See You in My Dreams”

p.s. Thanks for the tip but I use Revlon.

This letter reveals young Sal's obvious attempts at flattery and flirtation. But I fear that he may have been so over the top that he missed his mark. Joan doesn't want to accept that she might look so nice as Ava Gardner (pictured right)!  And flattering the beauty of her eyes didn't seem to work, either! She really was a tough sell, it seems. 

Still, Joan seems to have made a visit from Waltham, Massachusetts to Washington DC, and they seem to have had a lovely walk. But are you wondering what I'm wondering? Is it possible that leaving their "rubbers" is an inside joke of some kind? Or could both of them actually have left their galoshes at the other's place?

And we get a bit of a glimpse of Joyce again. Clearly, there was some sort of misunderstanding between her and Sal. We may never know what it was, but it may have had something to do with her unceremonious treatment of Vic.

The "p.s." in this letter is also quite funny. I guess Revlon was a popular brand even back then! Now, for the songs. First, here's the sad song, "Gloria," recommended by Sal, followed by "I'll see you in my dreams."

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