Saturday, April 16, 2011

Letter 10, from Joan aka "Dusty"

[no envelope. Group of letters written in May 1949]
[1 of 6]
Tuesday Nite
Hi ya Sal:
How's you? I guess I was wonderin wha happin to ya. I kind of figured you did somethin like that though. Of all things.

The weather here hasn't been too bad. We had a couple of real hot days then it sort of cooled off.

I heard “Gee but It's Cold Outside” I think it's really cute.
Looks like I'll have to come down and take care of that bunkmate of yours. You tell him he'd better

watch out or I'll come down there and take care of him.
TIF.S.R.LH.H. Means this is for Sal, rush like holy heck.

Can't say that I like that there hillbilly music. Give me popular or light classics any day.

I didn't take any pics last Sunday. I just keep putting it off.
Aha. So you might get home next month. I don't know about sendin me folks out. Besides my mother is only a little girl 4 feet 11. Nothin to worry about.

I think the prom is around the twentieth or the 24th. I'm not sure.

We graduate the third. Class day is the second. Just 14 more days of school. Gee Sal all the homework we get. It's awful honestly. I have practically no time to myself at all, but, as you would say, what are ya gonna drew?

My boss asked me today when we get out of school. I said around the sixth. So he said good you can start work full time on the

seventh. Isn't that awful?
Well Sally I guess that's all for now.

As Ever
        --- alias

p.s. What happened between you and Joyce?
What does G.W.T.S.G.L. mean?

What happened, indeed! There seems to be a lull in their correspondence (March to May), but we may never know what happened to cause it! Was it problems with the bunk mate? Was it being moved from boot camp? Was it being on the ship? I love Joan's feisty spirit, and I bet she was (and probably is!) a lot of fun. It sounds like she knows just how to get around pushy teenage boys who want to get her alone!

This is a short letter, but it sure does bring up a lot of questions. I mean, what does GWTSGL mean, after all?

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