Saturday, February 19, 2011

Letter 3, From Joyce

[no envelope]
Feb 7, 1949
Hi Sal,
I am answering that letter which arrived the same time as you. Boy! Your certainly a tricky character. But it was good to see you home. Where were you kids going in such a hurry? I could probably guess –

Vic told me he received your letter. What do you mean there's things in your letters to me, that would get Vic mad!!? He asked me if I wrote you longer letters. Cripe I write that kid every minute. I get so mad (well alright) I don't think Vic would get mad at your letters if he read them. Cause there just filled with s___ well part of them

are anyway. Your not kidding that letter would be a “lulu” But you don't have to bother this is “Buddy Week” remember?

Oh! By the way how do you like the stationery? This kind I use for Vic's letter, so I'll have to get another kind for yours (that sounds all mixed up huh? But you know what I mean)

I'd appreciate it very much if you didn't address me as “My Dear Miss Fucci” just say “Hi” Oh' oh! We are back where we started but its fun anyway.

Your weren't kidding when you said you don't think I'd like to talk about exams Boy! I was so stupid I just had to laugh honest.

The only one I passed honestly was Clerical Practice. The rest were just even (you know just getting by.) But what do you expect I never study, go ahead call me stupid sob! sob! See if I care. Enough of that.

I am really in agony seeing your my friend, I tell you. I got a boil on my a___ and boy does it hurt. I hate to go to school cause I look funny sitting on half an a___ but I am just a half ass anyway so it doesn't make any difference.

Its up to you not to make Chris lose interest. He's nice to loose, you

two made good buddies so keep him interested. But I guess it is hard to have something to talk about, seeing you both are far away. Well thats the way things go. I as usual I can't think of anything more to say, so until I hear from you

Your Ever Loving

p.s. I wish I could sign my name as fancy as yours but your just good that all (ha)

oh! what did you mean by, “I know I shouldn't but I do anyhow”

A quick note about these letters: I've decided to transcribe them as closely as possible to the way they were written, with spelling errors and missing words, etc intact. I also have included other notations such as page numbers. 

Letter 3 supplies us with another great slang word: "<a href="">lulu</a>." It strikes me as another way of saying "doozy." 

We also see that Joyce's feelings for Chris have gotten stronger. She's now asking Sal to help her keep his interest, all the while sending letters to her fiancee, Vic! But while this letter, like the others, is flirtatious, Sal and Joyce are clearly just friends who are not romantically involved.  Still, she wonders and we wonder along with her what Sal "shouldn't" do that he does regardless.

But clearly the most amusing thing in the letter is the paragraph about poor Joyce's boil! 

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  1. Most interesting! I wish you had Uncle Sals letters to her. Rick