Monday, February 28, 2011

Letter 4, from Joyce

[no envelope]
Feb 28, 1949
Hello There:
I just finished my homework and thought I'd answer your letter. Yep! I was really doing my homework.

To tell you the truth Sal I don't believe you when you said the reason for our “spat” was that I was anti-social (you know what I mean) but forget it seeing we are loving friends again (til the next time)

Well I really enjoyed my week vacation. I went to bed every night at 2 and didn't get up til 10: O'clock. Vic was home most of the time. We didn't fight once!! Can you imagine? Vic gave me an orchid for Valentine's day and I still have it boy! It certainly last long.

Oh! Before I forget “Happy Birthday ___ Pappy!! I would

of send you a card to if I had known well whatta yah goin to do I am really thoughtless huh?!!

Boy! Can you pour on the s___ about being in ecstasy and etc. but its fun listening to you. Once in a while Vic writes me nice letters but its mostly the same story, “I am tired,” or “It will have to be short,” sometimes I am lucky to get a letter. But what can you do. I love the big dope, probably that's why I cry when he fights with me. “I love him so much it hurts” that's the name of a song its really nice.

Mr. C., just what do you mean I hurt your feelings hun ____ you ask for it you also got your digs in so we are even. Ya! Ya!

Boy! That south has changed you, poping up with “Honeychile” Listen Big boy you all and all that, knock it off! Just be plain old Mr. C. O.K.?
Have you heard from Joe Z. + Joe S. + Phil and and and (any more)!! Guess not.

I have a new saying now, “Pudgey” is the word, boy do I drive the kids crazy. I go to them and say oh! Your so pudgey only with more oomph. I'll show you when you come home. You will have a bird (bird that is) Well Mr C. I'll end it here. Until I here from you.

p.s. Your alright
no kidding pappy!

I'm sorry to report that this is the final letter in the bunch from Joyce. But it's sure got a lot going on, doesn't it? First off, we have to wonder what caused a "spat" between Joyce and Sal. And what caused him to describe her has anti-social? Could it have to do with her letters to Chris? Ironically, she doesn't mention him, but rather talks about Vic instead. The reader, at this point, might be lead to believe that she has a renewed commitment to Vic, and that they live happily ever after. 

Even though this is the last letter from Joyce, do not despair! We get a little more information in subsequent letters. 

Readers have commented that the language in Joyce's letters is a hoot. I think this one might surpass the previous letters! She was clearly is a zany mood when she wrote this, shown by the way she calls Sal "Pappy" and lines like "you asked for it you got your digs so we're even!" But I wonder if someone can tell me in what context you would say to someone, "You're so pudgy, only with more oomph!" 

The idea of a young Sal, having spent time in the south, jokingly using the term "honey child" brought a smile to my face also. And I was rather pleased to see Joe Z finally get his mention!

Feel free to comment on the letter in the comments section. For now, I'll leave you with the song "I love you so much it hurts," from 1948.

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