Saturday, June 18, 2011

Letter 12, from Joan aka "Dusty"

Thursday Nite
Hi Sal:
How you all?
I got yr letter yestiday and I'm out here sitting on the porch answering it. If you find the penmanship difficult to read, you'll know why.

So you all went to that dance hey? Glad you had a good time. Keep it up and – Arthur Murray will have to take lessons from you.
My Mom is listening to the radio, and the enchanting melody of “Some Enchanted Evening” is sailing out the door right over to me sitting here on the porch. I just love that song don't you?
Did you see “Mr. Beldevere Goes to College”? We saw it last week and honestly, Sal we laughed and laughed. All that guy has to do is stand there and you can't help laughing.

You don't have to address me as Miss Morin. Shaking hands with the mayor didn't go to my head.

Before I forget, Jack Dadonna

was picked president of the Senior Class.

Never mind mentioning my beauty. Eighteen is the starting of my career as a woman. So they tell me, but I never believe everything I hear. I certainly don't feel any older.

My, my, Sal, you certainly seem to be mixed up, if you don't know what your taste is. Well anyhow, maybe we'd better drop the subject altogether, hey?

Too bad you're not out of the service now. My

boss was looking for a fellow for the office.

It's nice out right now. It's kind of hot, but there is a little breeze.

I haven't been swimming yet, and, by the looks of things, I don't think I'll ever go.

Bea went to the hospital today. She is going to have an operation on her back tomorrow. That poor kid. Well guess that's all for now.

As Ever

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