Friday, October 21, 2011

Letter 13, from Joan aka "Dusty"

[5 of 6. Written April 15, 1949]
Friday (before work)
(Hide this pic before anyone sees it)
Hi Sal,
It's Good Friday, and we haven't any school. Got your letter this mornin and thought I'd answer it right away. Gee, I wish I didn't have to go to work. We have no school all next week, but my boss found out so I'll be working all next week too.

It's too bad you can't be home for Easter. Everyone is going to be all dressed up (That is if it's nice) I'm just praying. If it is nice, I'll take some snaps
and send one to you so you can see my outfit for yourself, but I'll explain it to you in the meantime. My suit is navy blue, my blouse is white nylon (very very pretty), my shoes are navy blue also (high heels okay?) my hat is white with blue trim and I'll wear white gloves and carry a navy blue pocket book. (disruptive enough?)

You really make me feel bad about not sending you a graduation picture. I'll see what I can do there are still two left and still about seven or eight promised
What am I gonna drew?
I saw Joyce in school and told her to write to you.
Did you see the eclipse? It was really beautiful. We watched it for quite a while. When it was completely shadowed it turned the prettiest color.

Woolworth's is still going to be Woolworth's except that it's gonna be a new streamlined Woolworth's with a nice big sody fountain.

Sorry I forgot to kiss you goodnight but after all you said you hardly knew me
so it wouldn't be very proper would it? I just don't go around kissing every boy goodnite you know.

Excuse me while I look for a snapshot. My brother dug up this one (quiet, it's a chance to show off my fur coat) Honestly sugar plum, it's the only one I have that isn't too blurry. It's not a very good pic, but you can use your imagination can't ya. I'll send another as soon as I take one, and you can disregard this one.
“Happy Easter” As Ever
---> belated Dusty.

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