Sunday, November 13, 2011

Letter 16, from Rosie

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the readers of Letters to Sal, and say that the best letters are yet to come. This letter will introduce you to Rosie, and I have to say that these are some dramatic writings. For maximum effect, read Rosie's letters aloud in the most enthusiastic Acting 101 voice you can muster!

[no envelope. Rose stationary.]
16 March 1950
Hello Kind Hearted,
Received your letter this morning and I was a bit shocked at some of the things you wrote, not that I blame you. I guess I never did do anything respectful to expect any respect from you. Honey what did you mean when you said my mom + dad had troubles when I was a kid + I was shipped out? And Hon I never let anyone take liberty of me, that's one thing I can control. When I did go out and met fellows, Sure they called again, but just too go out and have a swell time in a desent way. As far as Frankie is concerned he has made plenty of pass's but it never got him anywhere I just couldn't take to him.

And then there is Sonny I went steady with him for over 7 months he never laid a hand on me. He'll always be around to admit it too. I also have met plenty of other guys that were swell + I met guys that did try to make me put out, but they never did succeed. Sal I wouldn't put out for anyone unless I loved him + he loved me + I never met anyone I loved enough. Yes Sal I have one half decent girl chum that doesn't go in town or out with other guys she's going steady with a solder, who's away until June of 1951, so she and I are going to novena on Monday nights to the show Wed, Fri + Sun,. Monday after novena we come home to my house and watch telly, that's T.V. Tuse. Thurs. + Sat. the same. From now on I want to be a one man's girl

that's if you'll have me? Honey please send me a picture of yourself? So I can show her. By the way her name is Gloria. + she lives three streets down from me.

Tell me something Hon did you really mean it when you said as far as you were concerned it was me that was being fooled? + when you said you half expected to hear what I wrote you. Hon you say that all the guys in the navy are out for one thing, and you said you were the same, if so Sal why didn't you make a try at me? I know why because your not like the rest of them and there all not alike, am I not right?

Sal it seems as though I'm always the one who ever says how much I miss you and how I feel about you. You never once wrote telling me how you felt about me. Please Hon do in your next letter so's that I know where I stand + don't say on my feet.

Honey Eleanor received some coupons in the mail from Kays, its to have pictures taken, if you still want one. I'll send it but its a large one 9x5. Well Hon that's just about all I can think of right now so until tomorrow when I write my second dayly letter I remain.

I love you
p.s. Please write every day this is my first letter

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