Saturday, December 10, 2011

Letter 17, from Rosie

[no envelope]
Monday 23, 50
Hi Honey
I hope you will forgive me for not writing sooner. But you see it happened like this. Our mail was being kept at the post office. Because we had no lock on our mail box + they will not leave any mail in a box unless it has a lock on it, for there have been too many checks, and other mail stolen, from mail boxes in this neighborhood.

So Sal not knowing this until this morning when we received a notice from the post office letting us know we had mail + the reason it was being kept at post office I taught you weren't writing.

So honey thats why you haven't been receiving any mail from me + all the time I taught you weren't goneing to write. Gee hon I hope you believe me because its the gods honest truth. Gosh Sal but I miss you something awful.

This town has gotten to be just like Waltham dead, thats as far as I'm concerned. There was lots to do before, such as, going dancing, skating, to the show, aboard different ships, swimming down the Y + so many other things. But none of them interest me now that I've met you. And now to top things off the doctor gave me a nice long rest, six months to be exacte, now I'll really go crazy nothing to do all day no money to go any place. I guess next time I'll know better and stay in the house and I won't keep such late hours + get all the rest I need. Now it's me and my radio if you ever hear that song think of me.

Hon since you left I have been out only four times, to the show twice and once out with the girls to the c.y.o. Bowling club and once with Sonny Hayes.

I still get phone calls to go out but I don't Eleanor will tell you when you get home.

Well hon enough about me. How are you? And how is the pencil pushing coming allong.

The pome was very cute. And about that good offer, I had plenty, but they don't interest me. There is only one I love and thats the way it will stand unless you want it any other way.

Your dream was a lula and about another picture with freckles I don't have any, But I'll see as soon as I get some money what I can do.

By the way what dose I.S.L.Y.F.E.A.A.D. stand for?
Well Honey I have to go to the store now for Eleanor.

So until I hear from you I'll be Yours Until Hell
Freezes Over

What does I.S.L.Y.F.E.A.A.D. stand for, anyway? I'd like to hear your best guesses! And what do you all make of our new letter writer, Rosie? 

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