Saturday, December 31, 2011

Letter 19, from Rosie

23 March 1950
Well I tried to write every day but Sat. I went to Waltham and I came home wed which was yesterday. I didn't have much time to write so I figured I'd wait until I came home. I hope your not mad + you don't think I am not keeping my word because I am. I'm going to write every day as I said.

Nothing much has happened since I wrote you last except that my cousin Tiny got married Sunday. She had a very large reception. Glo came out there with me she only stood until monday + left she hates Waltham she said its like a morgue. I agree with her the place sure is dead. Baby you said you were going to write every day and yet I haven't received one letter not one whats happened.

What's happened don't you care anymore do you want to call it quites or what? There isn't much more to say except that I hope you believe that I've changed.

Well I'll sign off now hoping to hear from you. Rosie

p.s. Have you heard from Joyce?
Write sooner than soon

Here's where I admit that the letters from Rosie are the main reason I started this blog. She is so scattered and, well, kind of crazy! But I bet she was a beauty! Here's a couple of photos from Waltham in the 1950s, so you can see the "morgue."

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